AMP Clubs
AMP MEMBERSHIP has its privileges!

Members receive:

1. Two (2) or more AMP Tours each year
2. AMP Leadership Development Program
3. AMP Character Development Program
4. AMP Mentorship Program
5. AMP Financial Literacy Program
6. Networking opportunities with other AMP Clubs across the community, state and country
7. Opportunities to expand educational travel experiences in the future

*** Lagniappe: Students who join in 2022-23 will be recognized as an "AMP Founding Member" - a great resume builder

Membership Requirements

1. Sign and uphold the AMP Statement of Shared Values
2. Follow bylaws and rules established by AMP, and the local chapter
3. Meet the minimum standards for community service
4. Pay dues: $25/semester, $50/year (middle and high school members); $50/semester, $100/year (college members) - Scholarships and Service Opportunities are available to cover costs of dues.

To start or join an AMP Club at your school, click one of the following: