AMP Music

Our music is an important and defining aspect of our culture. Music has the ability to bring people of different backgrounds together in a joyful expression of community! Now that the Covid years have passed by - and we survived - AMP plans to celebrate our local music culture with a new series of Fests across Louisiana!

Just as took place during the "Roaring Twenties" (1920s following both WWI and the Spanish Flu Pandemic), AMP believes our country will see a new season of grateful exuberance and celebration following this latest Covid pandemic.

Our first AMP Music Fest took place on Friday March 19, 2021 in Shreveport and featured an unforgettable performance by the legendary Dirty Redd 7-Piece Brass Band! Ours was the 1st outdoor music concert in the entire state of Louisiana on public property since the Covid shutdown!

Next, AMP sponsored the Sunday in the Park Arts Festival on April 25, 2021 along with Shreveport Regional Arts Council which also supported and featured local musicians.

On Saturday July 23, 2022 in Shreveport's Historic Municipal Auditorium, the site of the famous Louisiana Hayride, AMP partnered with Keeping It Country Live (radio) to put on an historic Festival featuring 30 bands and performances from around the country! This all-day festival of music marked the Rebirth of the Louisiana Hayride - something that has been attempted many times by other groups since the 1960s. AMP was able to pull off this successful and historic event for Louisiana!!! Please see our YouTube and Social Media for more details on these past events.

In 2023, AMP will sponsor 7 "local" concerts/fests around the state of Louisiana featuring music genres that are culturally significant to each region of our state -- Jazz in New Orleans, Blues in Baton Rouge, Zydeco in Lafayette, Country in Lake Charles, Alexandria and Shreveport, and Rock N Roll in Monroe!

Stay tuned for upcoming details...

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